DAY 4 - Global Opportunities for Malaysian Investors

6:00 pm - 没有计划的您就是在计划失败

SPEAKER: Jimmy Kwok

Jimmy Kwok, Founding Partner of SP Chen, Leong and Partners was called to the English Bar in 2005 admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2006.

With over 10 years of legal practising, he has extensive experience in the areas of conveyancing, corporate and commercial, as well as will & probate.

In property investment, he has conducted multiple workshops covering the legal aspect of property investment for both beginner and advance property investor.

7:00 pm - 信托规划以保护您爱的人

SPEAKER: Kellies Cho

Kellies Cho was called to the English Bar in Lincoln’s Inn, London in 2005 and subsequently admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2007.

With over 10 years of both legal practising and in house legal experiences, she has vast experience in the areas of real estates, banking and finance, capital markets, treasury investment products, will and trust services. She is dedicated to help people to protect and preserve their assets for their loved ones through estate planning.

8:00 pm - 寻找气聚点-投资房地产的奥妙

SPEAKER: Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee has a strong passion in property investment. He has bought his first two properties in his 20s. Passion for learning more, he has taken the initiative to network with more than 3 property gurus in the market to master the art of property investment – how to keep buying and how to select asset grade properties.

With his 9 years background in banking industry, he has learnt the secret in property financing. He has practiced and mastered the idea of OPM – other people’s money to buy unlimited properties. Joshua Lee uses his strong persuasive and negotiation skills in property investment. Property business, like many other businesses, is a people business.

With his strength in dealing with people, he has managed to buy more than 20 below-market-value properties in 2 years’ time. His property portfolio is diversified into residential, retail and commercial, and they are all spread in diverse locations such as Klang Valley, Nilai, Penang, Johor Iskandar, and Sabah. He practices the philosophy “everything is negotiable”.

With his strong passion in empowering people, he has now stood on stage to share with others his knowledge and experience. He has personally coached more than 30 people in property investment. Joshua Lee is a Certified Professional Trainer, recognised by The International Professional Managers Association from UK. He is also a certified HRDF trainer by the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

9:00 pm - International Real Estate - 10 Steps to Smart Investing

SPEAKER: Dean Oakford

Dean Oakford has 14 years international real estate experience, who has worked with over 50 developers in 20 countries.

He helped over 2,000 people buy over 5,000 homes.

He is the writer of property blog “”.

Owner of “Wealth by Design” – real estate agency in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Partner of IT outsourcing company 1Time Media

10:00 pm - Diversify & Make Money Beyond Malaysia

SPEAKER: Victor Ng

Victor Ng is a private investor and founder of private equity firm, Saash Capital. Saash provides investment consulting services and is the portfolio and asset manager of the firm’s investments across USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

He has more than 20 years experience in global investments and is a very hands on asset manager. Over the years, he has seen his fair share of ups and downs and his mantra is “There is no need to be a hero. Survive in the battlefield to invest and profit another day.” Since 2014, he has been invited by MasteryAsia to speak in numerous events, such as International Property Summit (IPS), Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) and Money Mastery Boot Camp (MMBC).

In this presentation, he will share Critical Success Factors for investing globally, how to lower risks in order to increase returns, how to leverage on different geographical cycles, developing the “Know-How” and having the right investment mindset for profitable returns.