DAY 3 - Malaysia's Opportunities for Global Investors

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7:00 pm - The Rise of Asia's Property Investment Destination

SPEAKER: Adrian Un

Adrian Un first embarked on a sales journey in the mortgage financing Industry at age 19. Having committed himself to a career spanning over 20 years in the industry, Adrian has won numerous awards. More importantly, he has learned many strategies on mortgage leveraging, which enabled him to make his millions through property investment.

A business graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, Adrian has shared his passion for the industry with both local and foreign banks. Always a true believer in entrepreneurship, he is now the Chief Executive Officer pf SkyBridge International Sdn Bhd, a wealth creation, seminar and property investment company, where he coaches and share his knowledge and passion to both novices and seasoned investors.

He is also now the Managing Director of Mortgage Broker Sdn Bhd, a premier outsourcing brokerage, which is deemed to be the largest mortgage brokerage company in Malaysia. Adrian has also been a regular contribution of articles to “The Edge, Personal Money, Property Buyer” and a few other publications. He is regularly invited to speak at most property events, both foreign and domestic, across Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia.

8:00 pm - How to Make Money During Property Downturn - Investing in Wallstreet Malaysia

SPEAKER: Tan Hwa Chuan

Tan Hwa Chuan is a Merger n Acquisition specialist for land investment and development. He is Director of B.I.G Group of Companies, an organization specializes in property development, investment, real estate advisory, merger and acquisition.

In the trade for over a decade, he spots, maps, studies, analysis and develops lands into address of opportunities.He weighs pros and cons via his proprietary feasibility study methods and is able to make good and accurate decision swiftly. He develops and fine tunes his methods and making him one of reliable real estate partners in Malaysia today.

9:00 pm - Iskandar Malaysia Property Market: 2018 Outlook

SPEAKER: Dr. Daniele Gambero

Dr. Daniele Gambero, expatriate to Malaysia from Italy since 1998, is the CEO and co-founder of strategic marketing consultancy firm REI Group of Companies. He holds an MBA from L. Bocconi University in Milan-Italy (Macro Economy), a Master in Communication from the University of Michigan Ann Arbour MI – USA and a PhD in Strategic Marketing and Mass Communication from the University of Michigan.

A well-known and reputable speaker, in the last 5 years he has been delivering almost 500 public presentations. He is also a regular columnist for several newspapers and specialized property magazines such as The Star (StarProperty pull-out), Malaysian Reserve (Real Reserve Pull-out), Malay Mail (Get Real Pull-out), Property.360, Real Estate Malaysia, Property Hunter, Property Insight, iProperty and many more.

10:00 pm - 借力投资房地产 – 现在行不行?

SPEAKER: Jerry Tang

Jerry born in 1981, started his career in the property industry as Sales and Marketing for Developer and later become Real Estate Negotiator before he joined the bank as loan specialist in 2006. After 4 years’ stint in the bank, Jerry came out and started his own professional mortgage services and founded the De BancCo Group (DBC) in 2010.

His strength is in building strong team players in DBC Group with the young Google generations. He spends considerable time training and developing his team of mortgage specialist. Currently, he has more than 100 full time mortgage consultants in the group. His effort has helped his team to achieve astonishing results. They process an average of 200 property loan applications for their customers successfully, valuing more than RM50 million every month.

Jerry is a regular young village boy who desires to be financially free and enjoy great lifestyle in the big city. He loves to inspire and share with people to achieve financial freedom through property investment with his effective and fantastic way through creative property investment Strategy.

Jerry is a contributor to property magazines including Property King & Property Insight magazine. He is an active property investor since young age.

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