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16th – 20th April, 2018

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Past Experience, Current Trend, Future Opportunities

We help you to improve your Property Investment Result through the specially designed 5 Days Journey

The Journey

A Specially Crafted Journey For Property Investors

Our vision is to help you and 12,000 people from different parts of the world transform from zero to hero in Property Investment!

In this 5-Day Investor Centric Learning Journey, you will first get an outlook of what’s happening in the Property Market and what’s the current trend. Then, our experts will show you the best strategies to use in the current markets. After you’ve got the overview and know-hows, you’ll be presented with our carefully selected investment opportunities in both Malaysia and the International Market.

Market Outlook

Current Market Trend & Latest Updates

You are left with very little room for mistakes and you can’t afford to make wrong decision when it comes to Property Investment.

When you have a clear understanding and information on the current property market, it’s easier for you to make a better decision when it comes to investing. For instance, if you know that the property is oversupplied now, the price will not increase very fast, then what should you do with your property?

On Day 1 of the Property Online Summit 2018, there will be experts showing and explaining to you the official data of property market, current trend, what are the mega-projects going on and what’s the impact and etc…

This will save you plenty of time to do your own study & research for your Property Journey in 2018, and years to come.


Knowing The Best Strategies To Be Used

As an investor, looking at the current trend & market outlooks will help you know the best time to invest. But often times, some investors rush into the market blindly without knowledge & this is what makes them lose their capital in Property Investment.

Investment becomes extremely risky if you don’t have knowledge on it. Using suitable strategies allows you to make money no matter whether the market is up or down.

In Day 2, you’ll be taught several strategies that is suitable to be used based on the current market trend. Also, we’ll show you some of the important points that you should take note before you commit to a investment.


Local and International Investment Opportunities

“Money is made when you buy, not when you sell.”

Robert Kiyosaki
Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Throughout the years, we’ve been practicing and teaching this principle. It has been proven to be effective every time we are handed any investment projects, even with our members. This is the top most priority when we select any investment.

In Day 3 and Day 4, you’ll be presented with tons of excitingly worthy yet carefully selected Property Investment Opportunities. You can then decide if you would like to be a part of that investment based on what you’ve learned from this Property Online Summit.

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Keynote speakers

Meet our most valued speakers


Merger & Acquisition Specialist for Land Investment and Development, Director of B.I.G Group of Companies


    CEO and co-founder of Strategic Marketing Consultancy Firm REI Group of Companies


      The Master of Financing, Property Financing EXPERT


        Writer property blog "deanoakford.com", Owner of "Wealth by Design”

          AHYAT ISHAK

          Author of “The Strategic Property Investor” book

            HENG ZEE SOON

            Property Coach of MasteryAsia

              ADRIAN UN

              CEO of Skybridge International

                VICTOR NG

                International Property Investment Specialist for High Net-Worth Client

                  HENRY TAN

                  Taiwan ‘s FengShui Research Association Advisor, Malaysia-Taiwan FengShui Meeting Deputy Head

                    JERRY TANG

                    Founder & Director of Debancco Group

                      JIMMY KWOK

                      Co-founder of SP Chen, Leong & Partners

                        JOSHUA LEE

                        Property Investment Coach

                          KELLIES CHO

                          Trust Consultant

                            And many more...

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